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Aixton offers 1%-10%lower price than others based on same quality.

Partner share the bonus from Aixton's Annual profit permanently.

To be one of Aixton brand distributor,partner got the free advertisement support and credit support.

Partner has the priority awards Aixton stock after Aixton goes public.

Preperential policy to support our partner to be the biggest distributor in the local.

About Aixton

Founded in 1998, Aixton is a global high-tech company providing high-speed communication network solutions and services to several industries. Aixton offers a variety of standard telecommunication products and is also able to customize products based on individual needs. We drive our industry by supplying efficiency, high quality, continuous innovation, and ease of access to all our customers.

  • China Shenzhen Aixton Cables Co., Ltd.
  • China Shenzhen Aixton Cables Co., Ltd.