3.0mm Indoor Optical Cable Application-Aixton

January 12, 2023
Latest company news about 3.0mm Indoor Optical Cable Application-Aixton

The diameter of the single-core optical cable is 2.8mm, while the diameter of the double-core optical cable is about 4.2mm. Both of them use 900um semi-tight buffered buffered optical fiber. This semi-tight buffered structure can ensure that the optical fiber of more than 1m can be easily stripped in less than 1 minute, and the operation is very convenient. And all adopt the optical fiber with excellent bending performance, which has good bending flexibility. The test results at 1550nm wavelength are shown in Table 1:
Table 1 Test results of semi-tight buffered optical cable (1550nm)
Test Item Results Single Core Dual Core
Pressure test (1000N, 100mm, 15min) Pass 0.03dB, no damage 0.00dB, no damage
Impact test (3Nm, 3 impacts) pass <0.01dB, no damage 0.03dB, no damage
Temperature cycle test (-5°C to 60°C) pass <0.01dB <0.01dB
Bending test (6 circles, r=10mm, 10 times) pass 0.13dB 0.04dB
According to various test data, this optical cable meets the requirements of indoor optical cable standards and is suitable for indoor wiring of FTTH users. Excellent bending performance can better meet customer requirements.