Advantages of PLC splitter

June 15, 2024
Latest company news about Advantages of  PLC splitter

1. The loss is not sensitive to the wavelength of the transmitted light, and can meet the transmission needs of different wavelengths (1260-1650nm).
2. The light splitting is uniform, and the signal can be evenly distributed to users.
3. The volume is small (such as the minimum size of 1×32 can be 4×7×50mm), and it can be directly installed in various existing junction boxes, and no special design is required to leave a large installation space.
4. A single device has many branch channels, which can reach more than 32 channels.
5. The cost of multiple channels is low, and the more branches there are, the more obvious the cost advantage.
1. The device manufacturing process is complex, the threshold is relatively high, the chip is monopolized by several foreign companies, and there are not many domestic companies that can package and produce in large quantities.
2. Compared with the fused cone splitter, the cost is higher, especially in the low-channel splitter.
3. The splitter cannot be made with different splitting ratios and can only be divided equally.
PLC packaging type: bare fiber type, rack type, module type, fanout type, 24-core tray, 1u tray, large steel pipe 900um, 12-core tray, outdoor joint box type