Aerial fiber optic cable 2024

April 22, 2024
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Aerial fiber optic cable
Aerial optical cable is an optical cable hung on a pole. This laying method can make use of the original overhead open wire poles, saving construction costs and shortening the construction period. Aerial optical cables are hung on poles and must be able to adapt to various natural environments. Aerial optical cables are vulnerable to threats from natural disasters such as typhoons, ice, and floods, as well as external forces and weakened mechanical strength. Therefore, the failure rate of aerial optical cables is higher than that of directly buried and pipeline optical fiber cables. Generally used for long-distance second-level or lower-level lines, suitable for dedicated network optical cable lines or some local special areas.
There are two methods of laying overhead optical cables:
1. Hanging wire type: First fasten the hanging wire to the pole, and then use a hook to hang the optical cable on the hanging wire. The load of the optical cable is carried by the hanging wire.
2. Self-supporting type: Use a self-supporting structure of optical cable. The optical cable is in the shape of an "8" and the upper part is a self-supporting wire. The load of the optical cable is carried by the self-supporting wire.