Aixton FTTH DROP CABLE Features

October 20, 2023
Latest company news about Aixton  FTTH DROP CABLE Features

Special bend-resistant optical fiber provides greater bandwidth and enhances network transmission performance;
Two parallel FRP or metal reinforcements make the optical cable have good compression resistance and protect the optical fiber;
Optical cable has simple structure, light weight and strong practicability;
Unique groove design, easy to peel off, easy to connect, simplifies installation and maintenance;
Low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant polyethylene sheath or flame-retardant PVC sheath, environmentally friendly.
It can be matched with a variety of field connectors and can be terminated on site.
Because of its softness and lightness, the covered optical cable is widely used in access networks. The scientific name of the covered optical cable is: butterfly lead-in optical cable for access networks. Because of its butterfly shape, it is also called butterfly optical cable. Figure 8 optical cable. [1]