Brazil purchases optical cables from China's Aixton

May 10, 2024
Latest company news about Brazil purchases optical cables from China's Aixton

Brazilian fiber optic company Padtec recently said that they have provided optical equipment installed in the Amazon River for Brazil's "Connect the North" project. In addition, they are negotiating contracts with neighboring South American countries to realize the construction of an international underwater optical network in the region.

The company said that inspired by Brazil's underwater fiber optic project, some countries are considering developing their own fiber optic projects in the Amazon Riverbed. These systems may be connected to the "Connect the North" project cable on the Brazilian border, which may create a South American international underwater optical network through the Amazon River. Countries that may be interested in this include Peru, Bolivia, Suriname, etc.

Earlier, Colombian Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mauricio Lizcano held talks with Juscelino Filho, head of Brazil's telecommunications department, in Brasilia to discuss joint telecommunications projects, including Amazon cross-border optical network connections. The two countries announced that they will sign an agreement in December this year to connect underwater optical fiber from Tabatinga in Amazon State, Brazil to Leticia in Colombia. "We are working together to expand the connectivity of the Amazon." Lizcano said at the time.