Cable management rack installation

December 23, 2022
Latest company news about Cable management rack installation

As the "center of the network nerve", the distribution frame is used for end-user lines or trunk lines, and can deploy and connect them. The distribution frame is the most important component in the management subsystem, and it is the hub to realize the cross-connection of the two subsystems of vertical trunk line and horizontal wiring. Patch panels are usually mounted on cabinets or walls.

By installing accessories, the distribution frame can fully meet the needs of UTP, STP, coaxial cable, optical fiber, audio and video. The distribution frames commonly used in network engineering include twisted pair distribution frames and fiber optic distribution frames. According to different places and purposes, it can be divided into two categories: main distribution frame and intermediate distribution frame.

→ The role of the patch panel:

The positioning of the distribution frame is a modular device that manages the front-end information points at the central office. The front-end information point cable (category 5 or 6) enters the equipment room and first enters the distribution frame, connects the cable to the module of the distribution frame, and then uses a jumper (RJ45 interface) to connect the distribution frame and the switch .

Generally speaking, the distribution frame is a device for management. For example, if there is no distribution frame, the front-end information points are directly connected to the switch, so if there is a problem with the cable, it will be faced with rewiring. In addition, the management is also confusing, and multiple plugging and unplugging may cause damage to the switch port. The existence of the patch panel solves this problem, and better management can be achieved by replacing the jumper.

3. What is a cable management rack?

The cable manager is an accessory installed in the cabinet and used in conjunction with the distribution frame, which can make the cables enter the cabinet distribution frame more smoothly and in parallel. Cable management brackets simplify the planning and installation of cross-connect systems. To put it simply, it is to sort out the network cables, which have nothing to do with the network directly. They are only for easy management in the future, so that the overall wiring of the cabinet is more beautiful and standardized.

→ The role of the cable management frame:

The cable management frame is used in the cabinet, between the distribution frame and the switch, and the network cable passes through it. The cable management frame can be installed at the front of the rack to provide horizontal cable management for wiring or equipment jumpers. , so that the cable no longer turns at right angles multiple times before being pressed into the module, which reduces the signal radiation loss of the cable itself, and also reduces the radiation interference to the surrounding cables.

Because the cable manager makes the horizontal twisted pair enter the module regularly and in parallel, when the line is expanded in the future, a large number of cables will not be changed due to the change of one cable, so that the overall reliability is guaranteed, that is, Improve the scalability of the system.