Category 5e 24-port network patch panel

December 16, 2023
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Category 5e 24-port network patch panel technical requirements

As the core product of the integrated wiring system, the patch panel plays the role of flexible transfer, flexible distribution and comprehensive unified management of transmission signals. Therefore, the main purpose of patch panels is to make cable management clearer and more convenient. Usually, due to space constraints, we always encounter some narrow spaces. It is also a big problem to insert straight network cables into them and ensure stable transmission. This right-angle coupler can easily solve this problem and allow the distribution frame to outlet at 90°, which greatly saves equipment space compared with the traditional 180° outlet.

This one has a compact design and is suitable for patch panels that need to be used in tight spaces. It is used for panel and wall socket board installation. It has a fully shielded housing design to reduce electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference. EIA568A/B dual wiring is suitable for any installation. The environment provides compatibility, as well as the choice of Category 6 and Category 6e interfaces. Of course, more importantly, it is very easy to install.