Classification of common DAC high-speed cables

February 4, 2023
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DAC high-speed cable (Direct Attach Cable) is generally translated as direct cable, direct copper cable or high-speed cable. It is defined as a low-cost short-distance connection solution to replace optical modules. High-speed cables have modules at both ends Cable assembly, non-replaceable port, module head and copper cable cannot be separated, but compared with optical module active optical cables (Active Optical Cables), the connector module on the high-speed cable does not have expensive optical lasers and other electronic components, thus In short-distance applications, cost and power consumption are greatly saved. With higher Ethernet speed, cloud computing, Internet of Things and virtual data centers, more requirements are put forward for data center operators. Currently, data center The data speed is actually on the way to 400G, so in addition to the connection within 3-5m in the server, DAC can also be used (5-7m requires special insulating materials to meet the characteristic requirements), and the connection beyond these distances is generally realized through AOC.