Double-sheathed ADSS-Aixton brand

March 30, 2024
Latest company news about Double-sheathed ADSS-Aixton brand

Double-sheathed ADSS optical cable is a specially designed all-dielectric self-supporting optical cable that has two layers of protective jackets to provide additional physical protection and extended service life for the optical cable. The following are several main advantages of double-sheathed ADSS optical cable:

Enhanced mechanical strength: The double-sheath structure improves the tensile strength and compression resistance of the optical cable, allowing the optical cable to withstand harsher environmental conditions, such as strong winds, freezing, and heavy loads.

Better environmental adaptability: The two-layer protective sleeve can more effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation and chemical corrosion, improve the environmental adaptability of the optical cable, and is suitable for a variety of complex external environments.

Extended service life: The double protective layer can reduce the damage to optical fibers caused by environmental factors and extend the service life of optical cables. This means that in the long term, double-sheathed ADSS optical cables may have lower maintenance costs and less need for replacement.

Improved economic efficiency: Although the initial investment of double-sheathed ADSS optical cable may be higher than that of standard ADSS optical cable, its total cost of ownership (TCO) may be lower due to its longer service life and lower maintenance requirements. .

Wide range of applications: Due to its excellent protection performance and environmental adaptability, double-sheathed ADSS optical cable is suitable for power lines, long-distance communications, urban networks and other applications requiring high reliability and long life.

Safety: As an optical cable made of all-dielectric materials, double-sheathed ADSS does not conduct electricity when used in high-voltage environments, improving safety during installation and maintenance.

Overall, double-sheathed ADSS optical cables have become the preferred solution for many demanding communication networks due to their excellent protection capabilities, extended service life and wide range of applications.