Future Development of Aixton Optical Cable

August 3, 2022
Latest company news about Future Development of Aixton Optical Cable

Optical fiber technology has entered thousands of households, allowing people to enjoy the convenience and comfort of the wave of the information society. Some experts believe that in the foreseeable future, optical fiber technology will still be the basic medium of information communication. At present, in the optical communication link, the optical fibers used in the backbone network, metropolitan area network, access network and even the resident network are different. There are many kinds of optical fibers. The mainstream ones include G.652, G.654, G.657 and many other series. The connection between various types of optical fibers needs to be spliced ​​by a special fusion splicer through the adaptation process, and it can be used reliably for a long time with excellent protection.

In order to solve the compatibility problem of optical fibers for backbone networks, metropolitan area networks, access networks, and resident networks, AIXTON hopes to open up compatible channels through one optical fiber technology to realize the integration of optical fibers for four networks. AIXTON proposed the development direction of G.652 light rods, optical fibers and optical cables with ultra-low loss and ultra-bending resistance at the same time, and developed ultra-bending G.652ULL optical fibers, thus pointing out a feasible development for the future of optical fiber technology direction.

In order to realize the development of this optical fiber, AIXTON invented a series of core/clad pure silicon core doping technologies, designed a waveguide structure with low cladding and low cladding, and developed a series of device technologies such as high-temperature wire drawing and annealing. The successful development of .652ULL fiber. The four-network optical fiber integration technology will reduce the cumbersome intermediate links and reduce the construction cost of the communication system, thereby effectively promoting the construction of my country's optical fiber communication network. For a long time, in terms of new optical fiber technology for optical fiber communication, my country's optical fiber and cable enterprises have been in the stage of trying to catch up with the innovative technology of foreign advanced enterprises. This time, AIXTON proposed the four-network-in-one optical fiber technology, making my country at the forefront of international optical fiber technology research in terms of high-end optical fiber and cable innovation technology. This will effectively demonstrate the innovation capability of my country's intelligent manufacturing, and vigorously enhance the influence of domestic brands in the optical fiber and cable industry.