GYDTA-Aixton brand

March 21, 2024
Latest company news about GYDTA-Aixton brand

(1) Small outer diameter, light weight, and small space occupation (a series of problems that can usually be solved with multiple cables can be replaced by a composite cable here);
(2) Customer procurement costs are low, construction costs are low, and network construction costs are low;
(3) It has superior bending performance and good lateral pressure resistance, and is easy to construct;
(4) A variety of transmission technologies are provided at the same time, with high adaptability and scalability of the same equipment, and the products are widely applicable;
(5) Provide huge bandwidth access;
(6) To save costs, use optical fiber as a reservation for home use and avoid secondary wiring;
(7) Solve the power consumption problem of equipment in network construction (avoid repeated laying of power supply lines) [2].