GYTA ARMOR waterproof outdoor duct buried

July 7, 2023
Latest company news about GYTA ARMOR waterproof outdoor duct buried

1. Precise control of the excess length of the optical fiber ensures that the optical cable has good tensile properties and temperature characteristics.
2. The loose tube material itself has good water resistance and high strength, and the tube is filled with special ointment to protect the optical fiber. It has good pressure resistance and flexibility.
3. PE sheath has very good anti-ultraviolet radiation performance and environmental stress cracking resistance.
4. Take the following measures to ensure the waterproof performance of the cable:
a) single wire central reinforcement;
b) Fill the loose tube with special fiber paste;
c) 100% core filling;
d) GYTA double-sided plastic-coated aluminum tape (APL) improves the moisture-proof ability of the optical cable;
e) Good water-blocking material prevents water seepage in the longitudinal direction of the optical cable.