GYXTW PATCH CORD -Aixton brand

June 29, 2024
Latest company news about GYXTW PATCH CORD -Aixton brand

It can be directly laid in the machine room and various harsh environments without the need for protective sleeves, saving space, reducing construction costs, and greatly improving the convenience of network maintenance. The biggest difference between this product and traditional fiber optic patch cords is that it is designed to protect the fiber optic cable from being easily broken and damaged, and a small flexible stainless steel sleeve is specially designed to protect the fiber optic cable. A flame-retardant PVC coating is then added to the sleeve to achieve moisture-proof and fire-proof functions. At the same time, we have developed a special manufacturing process and a unique structure to ensure that the sleeve and the connector are firmly connected. This unique design makes the construction and wiring of the armored fiber optic patch cord simple and convenient, reduces the loss during the construction process, and can increase the service life of the fiber optic patch cord, improving the safety and stability of the entire system.

1. Small-caliber stainless steel sheath protection;
2. Resistant to improper torsion damage;
3. More convenient construction, ensuring safety;
4. No need to worry about damage to the optical fiber caused by construction;
5. No need to worry about external damage in the future;
6. Reduce future maintenance costs. Small-caliber stainless steel armor protection
7. Resistant to improper torsion damage
8. Resistant to lateral pressure, bending, ant and rat bites
9. Flame-retardant PVC/LSZH/PE/PU and other outer sheaths are optional:
10. Soft and flexible, easy to connect and easy to wire and construct
11. UL certified and RoHS compliant