Integrated branch cable-Aixton brand

November 17, 2023
Latest company news about Integrated branch cable-Aixton brand

The integrated branch optical cable is composed of seven sub-optical cables. It depends on the size of the branches to decide which method to use.
The sub-optical cable has loose-tube and tight-tube structures. The core number of the loose-tube sub-optical cable is usually no more than 24 cores, and it adopts a central tube structure. The number of cores of the sub-optical cable in the tight-buffered structure is usually no more than 12 cores, and the outer diameter of the sub-optical cable is generally no more than 6 mm, that is, the diameter of the integrated branch optical cable is no more than 20 mm.
The middle of the sub-optical cable is a loose optical fiber, and the outside can be reinforced with nylon or glass fiber. Color bars can be used on the outside to distinguish different sub-optical cables. The second form of sub-optical cable is plated steel wire. The inside is still using a loose tube, and the outside is adjusted according to the user's different requirements for the sub-optical cable.
The tight-buffered sub-optical cable has a tight-buffered optical fiber in the middle and a yellow fiber on the outside. The tight-buffered sub-optical cable can be made smaller than the loose-buffered structure and is more suitable for use in FTTH.