Optical fiber products commonly used in weak current engineering - manufactured by Aixton

September 26, 2022
Latest company news about Optical fiber products commonly used in weak current engineering - manufactured by Aixton

Nowadays, the use of weak current engineering optical cables is becoming more and more extensive. For some beginners, the knowledge in this area is confused. Today, I have sorted out some knowledge of optical cable accessories, hoping to help everyone.


Pigtail: used in the terminal box to connect the optical fiber in the optical cable, and connect the pigtail and the jumper through the terminal box coupler (adapter).
Optical fiber fusion splicing box: It is used to connect two optical cables to form a long optical cable. The optical fiber terminal box and the optical fiber fusion splicing box cannot be used interchangeably. The optical cable and the optical terminal are connected through the optical terminal box, that is, only pigtails can be inserted on the optical terminal.

Coupler: Only two pigtails can be connected and divided into SC/PC FC/PC and other interfaces, and the optical cable and the pigtail are spliced ​​by a fusion splicer, which is dead.

Terminal box VS fusion splicing box: The former is the fusion splicing of optical cables and pigtails, and the latter is the fusion splicing between optical cables.

Splice box VS terminal box: The splice box is fully sealed and waterproof, but it cannot fix the pigtail; the terminal box is not waterproof, and the internal structure can fix the optical cable on one side and the pigtail on the other side.

Pigtail VSPatch cord: Only one end of the pigtail is a movable connector; both ends of the patch cord are movable connectors. There are many kinds of interfaces, and different interfaces require different couplers. The patch cord is divided into two and can be used as a pigtail.