outdoor figure 8 cable -Aixton brand

September 17, 2023
Latest company news about outdoor figure 8 cable -Aixton brand

In the outdoor optical cable family, there is a special member that is widely used in outdoor aerials and does not rely on steel strands for load-bearing. It is the outdoor self-supporting optical cable. The outdoor figure-8 self-supporting optical cable is commonly known as "figure-8 cable" in the industry and the model is "GYTC8A". The structure of the optical cable is to put 250um optical fiber into a loose tube made of high modulus material, and the loose tube is filled with waterproof compound. The center of the cable core is a metal reinforcing core, around which loose tubes (and filler ropes) are twisted into a compact and round cable core. The cable core is longitudinally wrapped with a layer of plastic-coated aluminum tape (APL), and then integrated with the steel wire strands into an 8-shaped polyethylene sheath.

Let's first introduce its characteristics and structural parameters to you. The characteristics of "Figure 8 cable" are: the steel wire strand has extremely high tensile strength, which is convenient for self-supporting overhead laying and reduces installation costs; the optical cable has good mechanical properties and temperature characteristics; the loose tube material itself has good Hydrolysis resistance and high strength; the tube is filled with special grease to provide critical protection for the optical fiber; the following measures are adopted to ensure the waterproof performance of the optical cable; a single steel wire center strengthens the core; the loose tube is filled with a special waterproof compound; Complete cable core filling; Aluminum Plastic Coated Tape (APL) moisture barrier.