the characteristics of GJFJVoptical cable

February 22, 2023
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What are the characteristics of GJFJVoptical cable

Each optical cable contains aramid fiber reinforcement, and there are central reinforcement elements and aramid fiber reinforcement outside the φ2mm cable. It has high strength, good flexibility, no grease, and is easy to construct and continuous.

The optical fibers in the cable are tight-buffered and have individual strength elements and jackets to prevent damage from environmental and mechanical stress.

Adopting non-bundling and SZ stranding technology without binding wires, it is easy to strip the sheath and comb each sub-cable, saving laying time or cost.

The embedded sheath structure prevents the twisting elements from shifting in the sheath, making the cable core structure more mechanically strong.

Low-smoke, low-halogen, flame-retardant PVC sheath, with ductility and self-extinguishing properties, suitable for indoor environments such as computer rooms, cable shafts, and in-wall wiring.

Low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant polyolefin sheath prevents direct sunlight, is waterproof and mildew-proof, and is resistant to environmental stress cracking; no acid gas is released, and the equipment in the equipment room is non-corrosive. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments or indoor environments that require high flame-retardant grades (such as inside Wiring, open-wire wiring, etc.

The color of the sheath is determined according to the type of fiber, according to the color spectrum of TIA/EIA-598-B standard.

Product information and length identification are printed on the outer jacket of the cable.