The role of audio wire

June 24, 2023
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Connecting the various parts of the speaker to transmit audio and video signals is the role of the speaker cable. Many people think that the audio cable is just an accessory in the audio system, there is no need to be so particular about it, just find a few to make up for it. Of course, in this way, the stereo can also produce sound and picture, but in fact the effect has been compromised. Because, whether it is the transmission process of the audio signal from the disc player to the power amplifier to the speaker, or the transmission process of the video signal from the disc player to the TV set to the projector, it has been affected by the poor transmission performance of the wire itself and the The influence of external electromagnetic interference weakens and pollutes these effects, so that the stereo cannot emit high-fidelity sound, and the TV and projector cannot reproduce lifelike. Therefore, friends who are using and will use audio, it is necessary to know more about audio cables, make a reasonable investment in them, and use them correctly, so as to ensure the best effect of audio.