Advantages of ADSS optical cable laying

December 30, 2022
Latest company news about Advantages of ADSS optical cable laying

1. Strong ability to withstand extreme weather (gale, hail, etc.).

2. Strong temperature adaptability and small linear expansion coefficient, meeting the needs of harsh environmental conditions.

3. The optical cable has a small diameter and light weight, which reduces the impact of ice and strong winds on the optical cable, and also reduces the load on the power tower, maximizing the use of tower resources.

4. The ADSS optical cable does not need to be attached to the power line or the bottom line, and can be erected on the tower alone, and can be constructed without power failure.

5. The performance of the optical cable under high-intensity electric field is extremely superior, and it will not be subject to electromagnetic interference.

6. It is independent from the power line and easy to maintain.

7. It is a self-supporting optical cable, and does not need auxiliary hanging wires such as hanging wires during installation.