flat drop cable from Aixton

December 30, 2022
Latest company news about flat drop cable from Aixton

A flat non-metallic central tube self-supporting optical cable, which includes an optical cable unit part, a suspender part, and a sling connecting the suspender part and the optical cable unit part; The optical fiber loose tube is located on the side close to the suspension wire part, the strength member is located on the side away from the suspension wire part, and the optical cable unit sheath is wrapped on the outside of the optical fiber loose tube and the reinforcement part; the suspension wire part includes a reinforcement And the suspension wire sheath on the outside. The utility model effectively uses the suspension wire part of the optical cable as the overhead bearing element of the optical cable, and can realize the laying of the optical cable in one construction. Lightning damage, convenient and quick construction, safe and reliable, etc., can meet the use of overhead lines in rural and mountainous areas in the access network.