Aixton brand-ODF , support 12-288F

November 17, 2022
Latest company news about Aixton brand-ODF , support 12-288F

Optical distribution frame (Optical Distribution Frame) is used for the termination and distribution of the central office trunk optical cable in the optical fiber communication system, which can easily realize the connection, distribution and scheduling of optical fiber lines.
With the increasing degree of network integration, an optical-digital hybrid distribution frame integrating ODF, DDF, and power distribution units has emerged, which is suitable for fiber-to-cell, fiber-to-user, fiber-to-building, remote module offices and wireless Small and medium distribution systems for base stations.
Main features of ODF:
● Full modular design, full frontal operation
● Integrate welding and wiring to maximize high density
● Can be installed on a 19-inch standard rack
● Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon cables
● Various adapters such as FC, SC, ST and LC can be installed by snap-fitting
● The adapter and the device are installed in a 30° snap-fit, which not only ensures the bending curvature radius of the jumper, but also avoids laser burns to the eyes. It is easy to operate and well protected.
● Both optical cables and pigtails have a storage space of more than 2m