4U 6U 9U 12U 14U Wall Mount Cabinet Enclosure Network Rack-Aixton

November 17, 2022
Latest company news about 4U 6U 9U 12U 14U Wall Mount Cabinet Enclosure Network Rack-Aixton

The network cabinet is used to combine installation panels, plug-ins, sub-boxes, electronic components, devices and mechanical parts and components to form an integral installation box.
According to the type, there are server cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, network cabinets, standard cabinets, intelligent protection outdoor cabinets, etc. Capacity values are between 2U and 42U.

The network cabinet should have good technical performance. The structure of the cabinet should be based on the electrical and mechanical performance of the equipment and the requirements of the use environment, and the necessary physical and chemical design should be carried out to ensure that the structure of the cabinet has good rigidity and strength, as well as good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, noise isolation, ventilation and heat dissipation. and other performance. In addition, the network cabinet should have anti-vibration, anti-shock, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, waterproof, radiation-proof and other properties, so as to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment. The network cabinet should have good usability and safety protection facilities, which are convenient for operation, installation and maintenance, and can ensure the safety of operators. The network cabinet should be easy to manufacture, assemble, debug, package and transport. The network cabinet should meet the requirements of standardization, normalization and serialization. The cabinet is beautiful in appearance, suitable for use, and color-coordinated.