Aixton Classroom : Types of fiber optic cables

September 17, 2022
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Types of fiber optic cables:

1. According to the laying method, there are: self-supporting overhead optical cable, pipeline optical cable, armored buried optical cable and submarine optical cable.

2. According to the optical cable structure, it is divided into: bundled optical cable, layered optical cable, tightly hugged optical cable, ribbon optical cable, non-metallic optical cable and branchable optical cable.

3. According to the use, there are: optical cable for long-distance communication, short-distance outdoor optical cable, hybrid optical cable and optical cable for building.

When selecting the transmission wavelength, the fiber loss and scattering are mainly considered comprehensively. The goal is to transmit the most data with the least fiber loss over the greatest distance. The loss of signal strength in transmission is attenuation. The attenuation is related to the length of the waveform, the longer the waveform, the smaller the attenuation. The light used in the fiber has longer wavelengths at 850, 1310, 1550 nm, so the attenuation of the fiber is less, which also results in less fiber loss. And these three wavelengths have almost zero absorption and are most suitable for transmission in optical fibers as available light sources.