The difference between ADSS fiber optic cable and OPGW fiber optic cable

September 17, 2022
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ADSS is more robust and is a self-supporting fiber optic cable that can transmit power from one place to another without additional support. When the ADSS optical cable is installed in the air, it does not need to install other metal parts, nor does it need the support of other parts. ADSS wiring can meet wiring schemes of different sizes, as well as flat drop or air drop. OPGW optical cable single wire has high voltage transmission efficiency, and can also be used for telecommunication transmission data to achieve the purpose of high-speed data transmission. OPGW optical cable products are very colorful and have a variety of products. 1) The installation position is inconsistent. If the wires need to be rewired or replaced due to aging, it is more appropriate to use OPGW optical cables; unlike OPGW optical cables, ADSS optical cables are more suitable for installation in a distribution and transmission environment with live wires.

2) The installation cost is different. The installation cost of OPGW optical cable is relatively high and requires a large amount of investment at one time; while the installation cost of ADSS optical cable will be relatively low, because it does not need to replace the electrical transmission line, and can achieve free switching.