Application of Indoor Optical Cable-Aixton

December 7, 2022
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Indoor single-core optical cable refers to an optical fiber communication line laid indoors, underground or in a tunnel to transmit signals or other information. It consists of one or more fixed points inside a building (called end stations), one or more optical fibers, and distribution equipment connecting these points.

Introduction to indoor single-core optical fiber Outdoor multi-core optical fiber is usually composed of two or more parallel placed optical fibers in pairs, and each optical fiber transmits information independently. The indoor single-core optical cable is different. It transmits information by a separate wire, and each wire only transmits a specific signal.

Therefore, the capacity of this cable is much larger than that of outdoor multimode fiber. The classification of indoor single-core optical cables can be divided into:

1. Ordinary type:
Suitable for general applications.

2. Enhanced type:
Suitable for special applications.