Installation design of OPGW-SHENZHEN Aixton cables co.,ltd

December 7, 2022
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The installation design of OPGW should consider the coordination with the wire stress, sag and insulation gap, and its load should not exceed the allowable use range of the existing tower and foundation. Therefore, its characteristic curve should be calculated according to the main technical parameters of the selected OPGW, and the junction box, various fittings, layout drawings, outline drawings and installation drawings of the accessories should be designed in combination with the actual engineering.
1. Treatment of initial elongation
For the treatment of the initial elongation of OPGW, the cooling method can be used, that is, to review the aluminum-steel ratio of OPGW, and refer to the cooling value of similar wires or ground wires to process the initial elongation.
2. Anti-vibration design
Among the fittings used by OPGW, the tension clamps are pre-twisted, and the suspension clamps are equipped with pre-twisted wires and rubber gaskets. These two fittings already have a certain anti-vibration capability. In order to further enhance the anti-vibration capability, it is possible to consider installing an anti-vibration hammer, which is generally calculated according to the gear distance:
When the span is ≤300M, install an anti-vibration hammer;
When the span>300M, install two anti-vibration hammers.
3. Problems that should be paid attention to in the construction and erection of OPGW
The construction and erection of OPGW is different from ordinary steel strands. Care should be taken to prevent permanent damage to avoid affecting the performance of optical fibers in the future, and important considerations should be given to: torsion, micro-bending of OPGW, local radial pressure outside the clamp and pollution to optical fibers. . Therefore, the following effective measures should be taken during the construction phase to solve the problem: