OPGW installation technology-AIXTON

December 7, 2022
Latest company news about OPGW installation technology-AIXTON

1) Prevent OPGW from twisting
Install a counterweight and an anti-twist device on the running board and the clamp;
Adopt special double groove pulley;
Tension line defense machine with double winches;
(2) Prevent and reduce microbending and stress of OPGW
Acute angles are not allowed (control the minimum bending radius 500mm);
The diameter of OPGW cable drum should not be less than 1500mm;
The diameter of the pulley should be more than 25 times the diameter of the OPGW, generally not less than 500mm; the inner side of the pulley should have a nylon or rubber liner to prevent scratching the surface of the OPGW;
Appropriate pulling wires and wire fittings;
Specify the maximum disc length of OPGW as 6000M to prevent the number of pulleys;
The line rotation angle for continuous pay-off is limited to ≤30°, and within a tension section of pay-off, the direction of OPGW after the corner should be in the shape of a "C";
(3) Control of pay-off tension:
Adopt hydraulic tension pay-off machine and tractor with tension release device;
Limit pay-off speed ≤ 0.5 m/s;
(4) Prevent optical fiber pollution
During the construction and erection of OPGW, attention should be paid to packaging the terminals;
In addition, before the OPGW arrives at the site, before erection, after the erection is completed for fiber connection and the construction of the whole line is completed, the OPGW's optical fiber attenuation acceptance test should be carried out on site in time.