multi function crimping tool

December 19, 2022
Latest company news about multi function crimping tool

Network cable pliers are tools used to crimp network cables or telephone cables and crystal plugs. The names vary depending on the region: network terminal pliers, network pliers, cable crimping pliers, network cable pliers, etc.
According to the function, it can be divided into single-purpose, dual-purpose and three-purpose.
Single point:
4P (crimpable 4-core wire: telephone access line) (4P: 4 Pin, that is, 4 pins)
6P (6-core wire that can be crimped: telephone microphone line RJ11) (RJ11: Registered Jack11, that is, the registered jack 11)
8P (can crimp 8-core wire: network cable RJ45)
Dual-purpose is actually a combination of the above specifications: 4P+6P or 4P+8P or 6P+8P.
The three uses are 4P+6P+8P, with complete functions.
Generally, it has the functions of stripping and cutting wires, and merchants usually sell a small wire stripping knife when selling.