Terminal box for fiber optic cable-Aixton brand

December 19, 2022
Latest company news about Terminal box for fiber optic cable-Aixton brand

With the accelerated expansion of FTTX technology, fiber-in and copper-out have become the first choice to solve the broadband bottleneck problem once and for all. In the ODN network deployment, the optical fiber panel is a user terminal product that realizes the fiber-to-the-home solution. It is used in the home or work area to complete the fiber access and port output, provide devices for fixing, stripping, splicing and protecting the fiber, and allow the inventory of a small amount of redundant fibers. Various parts such as connectors, optical fiber field connectors, and fusion splice protection sleeves can be installed inside to meet the installation and operation methods of various optical fiber cables (especially butterfly-shaped lead-in cables). The fiber optic panel mainly fixes and protects the fiber optic field connector.
Kexin provides a full range of high-quality standard 86*86 size optical fiber information panel modules. This series of products has outstanding performance, strong versatility, and complete specifications, which fully meet industrial application standards. It can be widely used in FTTx, local area network, cable TV transmission and other optical communication systems.