armored cable with double jacket

February 2, 2023
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The difference between armored network cable and ordinary network cable


The armored network cable is simply a network cable with a layer of armored structure installed in the home. The material of the armor is selected according to the severity of the environment and the nature of the damage caused by external forces to the cable. Conventional armored network cables are made of steel, and steel armored network cables are divided into thin steel wire armor and thick steel wire armor.


Armored network cables are easier to bury directly than ordinary network cables, and have strong mechanical resistance. The mechanical protection layer of the armored network cable is also common in other types of transmission cables. In addition to improving the mechanical strength, it can also enhance the corrosion resistance. It is a network cable structure designed mainly for areas that are vulnerable to mechanical damage and corrosion Types of. Not only that, the armored network cable can also be applied in any way of laying, and it is more suitable for direct buried laying in rocky areas.


The difference between armored network cable and ordinary network cable


Armored network cables and ordinary network cables are well distinguished in appearance. The outer protective layer of armored network cables is wound with steel tape or steel wire to protect the cables from external mechanical damage; while ordinary network cables, such as Akihabara network cables , mainly for wiring in households, businesses, shopping malls, venues and other common daily places with high flow of people. It requires strong cable transmission and more flexible wiring to adapt to different wiring environments and modes. The outer cover is flexible and bendable, and has Environmentally friendly PVC material with protective function for wire core and shielding structure.