Manufacture Telecommunication Equipment Singlemode 12 Core LC Optical Fiber Pigtail

February 2, 2023
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Like the optical fiber jumper, the pigtail is divided into single-mode pigtail and multi-mode pigtail according to the type of fiber. The outer sheath of the single-mode pigtail is yellow, the wavelength is 1310nm/1550nm, and the transmission distance can reach 10km/40km. Long-distance connection; the outer sheath of the multi-mode pigtail is orange/lake blue, the wavelength is 850nm, and the transmission distance is 500m. It is used for short-distance connection. The optical fiber jumper and pigtail provided by ETU-LINK have Various types to choose from.

Pigtails can generally be divided into the following types according to the type of connector:

①LC-type pigtail connector: The size of the pin and sleeve of the LC-type pigtail connector is half that of the above two connectors, which improves the space utilization of the optical distribution frame. It uses a modular jack that is easy to operate (RJ) Latch principle made.

②SC-type pigtail connector: It is made of engineering plastics, which is cheap and has a rectangular shell. The pins on the butt end face are mostly ground with PC or APC.

③ST-type pigtail connector: Different from the SC-type pigtail connector, the core of the ST-type pigtail connector is exposed and the core of the SC-type pigtail connector is inside the connector. Usually, ST is used in 10Mbps Ethernet systems. Type pigtail connector, SC type pigtail connector is used in 10Mbps Ethernet.

④FC-type pigtail connector: also known as round threaded connector, it is made of metal and has good durability. It is often used on distribution frames.