What is the difference between AOC optical cable and DAC cable

January 12, 2023
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DAC is a high-speed direct connection cable, also known as a direct connection copper cable. This type of cable port cannot be replaced, and the module head is inseparable from the copper cable. Copper cables are the most common direct-attach cables used to connect servers to storage area networks in data centers. Direct connection copper cables are divided into passive copper cables and active copper cables, among which passive copper cables are used more frequently, because passive copper cables are affordable and have fast transmission rates, providing the best solution for short-distance transmission Program. DAC cables are usually used on switches in the data center computer room, and both passive and active cables can be used.

Although the materials and purposes of AOC and DAC are different, both are widely used. So how should users choose? First of all, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both, and then choose according to your needs.

AOC active optical cable

Advantages: ① Higher bandwidth transmission performance, no need for external equipment or equipment upgrades, the throughput of the network system can reach 40Gbps;

②Lightweight: Compared with ordinary high-speed cables, it is smaller and lighter;

③ Strong ability to shield electromagnetic interference: AOC transmits signals through optical fiber, and the material of optical fiber is an insulating dielectric, which is not easily affected by electromagnetic interference.

Cons: High cost compared to DAC