armored fiber patch cord duplex-AIXTON

June 29, 2024
Latest company news about armored fiber  patch cord duplex-AIXTON

(1) Expand the range of fiber optic communication, improve communication capacity, and make communication more reliable.
(2) Reduce network transmission costs.
(3) Add backup lines to improve network fault tolerance.
2. Disadvantages:
(1) The cost is high and economic costs need to be considered.
(2) We need certain construction technical support.
(3) A certain degree of renovation of existing facilities may affect the normal operation of other network equipment.
3、 Application scenarios for extending optical cables
1. Long distance communication: Cable pulling is suitable for scenarios that require long-distance communication, such as cross city and cross regional communication.
2. Security backup: Extending optical cables to a certain extent improves network fault tolerance and has become an important security backup solution.
3. Complex terrain: For areas with complex terrain, such as mountainous areas, forest areas, deserts, etc., the communication distance of optical cables is limited. Extending the optical cable can solve this problem.
In short, fiber optic cables play an important role in modern communication network construction. They can expand the range and capacity of fiber optic communication, improve network communication efficiency and security, and provide more convenient communication methods for our production and life.