branchable optical cables-Aixton brand

October 13, 2023
Latest company news about branchable optical cables-Aixton brand

Compared with ordinary optical cables, the main production process of branchable optical cables has different characteristics.
The production of parallel branch optical cables starts with the processing of loose-buffered or tight-buffered optical fibers, and then non-metal or metal reinforcement. This can be a separate process, or the non-metal reinforcement and metal reinforcement can be placed on the sheath to form together. Finally, the optical cable is The production process is relatively simple and not very complicated, but the equipment requirements are different.
The production process of integrated branch optical cable is the same as the previous process. First is the production of loose or tight tube optical fiber, then non-metallic and metal reinforcement, then the sub-optical cable sheath, after the sub-optical cable sheath, and then the integrated sheath of the optical cable. set.
We compared branch optical cables and micro cables from four aspects, namely, pipeline requirements, requirements for special construction equipment, the space occupied by the optical cable in the pipeline and the design of the optical cable. Branch optical cables can use ordinary pipes, while micro cables must have silicon core tubes. Branch optical cables do not require special construction equipment, while micro optical cables require air blowing equipment. In terms of space occupied, branch optical cables are no larger than micro optical cables.