Indoor optical cables-Aixton brand

October 13, 2023
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Indoor optical cables have low tensile strength and poor protective layer, but they are also lighter and more economical. Indoor optical cables are mainly suitable for wiring in buildings and connections between network devices. No metal.
Indoor optical cables generally have short distances and can use multi-mode. For the same multi-mode bandwidth, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit optical cables can be used respectively. Generally, non-metal reinforcement cores are made of aramid, etc. The communication unit will consider bending-resistant G657 optical fiber, which represents There are butterfly optical cables (also known as leather optical cables) and so on. As the name suggests, indoor optical cables are generally suitable for indoor optical cables. They are generally divided into indoor tight sleeves and branches. Because they are used indoors, they do not need to have a waterproof structure, so they have better flexibility and high bending performance. The transmission speed is fast, the signal is clear and stable, the interference resistance is good, and the transmission traffic is large.