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May 31, 2023
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Bundle optical cable is an optical communication transmission medium, which consists of multiple optical fiber bundles bundled in a protective sleeve. Each fiber is individually wrapped in a sleeve and isolated from other fibers to reduce interference and protect the fiber. The design of the bundled optical fiber cable makes the optical fiber more compact and orderly during the transmission process, which helps to improve the transmission efficiency and reliability.

Bundle optical cables are usually used for long-distance optical communication transmission, such as fiber optic transmission networks across cities or across countries. One of its advantages is the ability to transmit multiple fibers simultaneously, providing higher transmission capacity. Bundled cables also efficiently manage and organize large quantities of optical fibers, simplifying installation and maintenance. In addition, since each optical fiber has an independent protective sleeve, the bundled fiber optic cable has better resistance to interference and damage from the external environment.

Bundle fiber optic cables are used in a wide range of applications, including telephone networks, the Internet, cable TV, data centers and other high-capacity data transmission areas. It provides high-speed, high-bandwidth and reliable data transmission solutions for these applications, and promotes the development and application of modern communication technologies.