May 31, 2023
Latest company news about FTTH-aixton

FTTH (Fiber to the Home, home optical fiber) drop cable has different quality grades, and these grades are usually related to the specification and performance of the fiber optic cable. The following are some common FTTH drop cable quality grades:

GJYXH: This is a common low-cost, low-quality drop cable. It usually consists of one or more optical fibers and a layer of strength-enhanced plastic material, but no additional protective layer. It is less compressive and waterproof and suitable for less demanding applications over short distances.

GJYXFCH: This is a medium-quality drop cable with better physical properties and protection than GJYXH. It has a strength-enhanced plastic material and an extra layer of protection that can provide better compression and water resistance, and is suitable for some moderately demanding FTTH applications.

GJYXFCH-V1: This is a higher quality drop cable with better physical performance and protection compared to GJYXFCH. It uses stronger materials and more protective layers, providing higher compression, tensile and waterproof performance, suitable for some demanding FTTH applications.