CAT8 aixton brand

September 3, 2023
Latest company news about CAT8 aixton brand

Category 8e network cable, also known as Cat8 network cable, is a high-performance Ethernet network cable, usually used in data centers, enterprise networks and environments that require high-speed connections. Here is some important information about Cat 8e cables:

Speed and bandwidth: Cat8 cables support transmission speeds of up to 25Gbps or 40Gbps, depending on the length of the cable and the performance of the connected device. It has high bandwidth and is suitable for handling large data streams and high-definition video.

Shielding: Cat8 network cables usually have strong shielding performance, which can reduce external interference and signal leakage. This makes it excellent in high noise environments.

Scope of application: Cat8 network cables are suitable for longer distance connections, usually supporting distances up to 30 meters, but can also achieve higher speeds over shorter distances.

Connector: It usually uses 8P8C connector (RJ45 connector), which is compatible with common Ethernet equipment.

Future Proof: Cat8 cabling is considered a future proof option to meet future growth in network demands.