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September 3, 2023
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Indoor /outdoor armored optical cable:
There are single armor and double armor (indoor optical cable). The structure of the single-core indoor armored optical cable is: tight-packed optical fiber + aramid fiber (playing the role of tensile strength) + stainless steel hose (playing the role of compressive resistance, bending resistance, and anti-rat bite) + stainless steel braided wire (playing the role of torsion resistance) + Outer sheath (usually PVC, according to different functions, there are also flame-retardant PVC, LSZH, Teflon, silicone tube, etc.)
Single armor refers to an optical cable without stainless steel braided wire.
Double armor refers to an optical cable with stainless steel hose and stainless steel braided wire.
Advantages: high tensile strength, high compression resistance, anti-rat bite; can resist improper torsional bending damage; easy construction, save maintenance costs; adapt to various harsh environments and man-made damage.
Disadvantages: The weight is heavier than ordinary optical cables. The price is higher than ordinary optical cable.