The specific functions of the optical fiber distribution frame

August 25, 2023
Latest company news about The specific functions of the optical fiber distribution frame

The specific functions of the optical fiber distribution frame are as follows:

① Fixed function. This device guides the optical cable and fixes it on the frame to protect the optical cable and the fiber core in the cable from damage. The metal part of the optical cable is insulated from the metal frame, and the fixed metal sheath and reinforcing core of the optical cable should be reliably connected to the high-voltage protective grounding device. After the optical cable enters the rack, install ground wire protection components, carry out terminal protection treatment, and group and protect the optical fibers.

②Container function, after the optical fiber drawn from the optical cable is fused with the tail cable, the excess optical fiber is coiled and stored, and the fusion joint is protected. The device is convenient for the connection operation, construction, installation and maintenance of the optical fiber core and pigtail. It can fix and protect the straightness of the joint without displacement, avoid the influence of external force, and ensure that the core and pigtail of the coiled optical cable are not damaged.

③ Allocation function. The deployment function can insert the associated connector on the tail cable into the adapter, and realize the optical connection with the optical connector on the other side of the adapter. Adapters and connectors should be able to be plugged and pulled flexibly; the optical path can be freely deployed and tested.

④ Storage function. The storage function provides storage for various cross-connected optical cables between racks so that they can be placed neatly and orderly. Appropriate space and methods should be provided in the distribution frame, so that the routing of this part of the optical connection line is clear, easy to adjust, and can meet the requirements of the minimum bending radius. The capacity of each rack and unit (determined by the number of adapters) should be stipulated in the product enterprise standard, and the optical fiber termination device, optical fiber storage device, and optical fiber connection distribution device should be able to be configured in a complete set within the full capacity range. There should be enough space in the rack and unit to store the remaining optical fibers.