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August 25, 2023
Latest company news about fast connector install  -Aixton brand

1. Technical difficulty

Cold splicing: It is relatively easy to implement, does not require special equipment and skills, and can be completed manually.

Smelting fiber: It requires professional equipment and skills, and has high requirements for operators, who need to undergo strict training and assessment.

2. Fees

Cold joint: the cost is relatively low, because there is no need to invest in expensive equipment, and the cost of materials is also low

Smelting fiber: the cost is high, expensive equipment and consumables are required, and the requirements for operators are also high, so the overall cost is high.

3. Performance

Cold splicing: Although it is slightly inferior to the fusion fiber technology, it can meet the requirements in most occasions. The optical loss at the connection point is small and the connection speed is fast, which is suitable for short-distance fiber connection and common fiber maintenance.

 Fused fiber: The optical loss at the connection point is lower, and the connection quality is higher, which is suitable for long-distance fiber connection and high-demand fiber applications.

4. Application scenarios

Cold connector: suitable for short-distance optical fiber connection and common optical fiber maintenance, such as home network, internal optical fiber connection, etc.

 Fused fiber: suitable for long-distance optical fiber connection and high-demand optical fiber applications, such as optical fiber communication, data center, medical equipment, etc.

5. Connection quality

Cold connector: The connection quality is greatly affected by the external environment and human factors, and the optical loss at the connection point is relatively high, but better results can be achieved through precise adjustment.