Different G652D with G657A1 application

October 19, 2022
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G6511 VS G657A VS G657B
G6511, G657A and G657B are all bend-insensitive fibers designed for FTTH systems, but G6511 multimode fiber has a higher data transmission rate in short-distance communication, so it can be used in campus networks, enterprise networks and transmission distances less than 100m or 250m. In application scenarios such as network links, it has better performance than single-mode fiber; G657A fiber is backward compatible with G652D fiber, which helps save installation and deployment costs by seamlessly connecting with installed G652D fiber. Due to the need for a complete installation solution when deploying G6511 fiber and G657B fiber, the wiring is limited and the cost will increase accordingly. The advantage of G657B fiber is its excellent bend insensitivity, so it is best to use G657B fiber when installing new network applications, especially in network deployments in multi-tenant buildings, where installers may face harsh bends with very small diameters environment, and using G657B fiber can reduce unnecessary trouble.

G652D VS G655 VS G656
G652D fiber, G655 fiber and G656 fiber can all be used in WDM system, but due to different fiber characteristics, there will be slight differences in application. G652D fiber is a low water peak fiber with the advantage of improving attenuation performance, mainly used in CWDM systems. The advantage of G655 fiber is low dispersion, which is mainly used in CWDM systems in the wavelength range of 1550nm~1625nm. The advantage of G656 fiber is medium dispersion, which is mainly used in long-distance DWDM and CWDM systems in the wavelength range of 1460nm~1625nm.