Aixton new fiber ,G655D long distance

October 19, 2022
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ITU-T G655 - Traditional long-distance single-mode fiber for CWDM systems
ITU-T G655 defines the use of non-zero dispersion-shifted single-mode fibers in the 1550nm and 1625nm wavelength regions, and it includes five fiber types: G655A, G655B, G655C, G655D, and G655E. This fiber was originally mainly used for wavelengths in the 1530nm to 1565nm range, and was later defined by ITU-T G655 for wavelengths as high as 1625nm and as low as 1460nm. G655 fiber was commonly used in WDM applications and long-haul lines for long-haul and backbone applications until 2005, but it was later discontinued and replaced by G652D fiber.