How to detect if the network cable is broken? Aixton provides professional network cables and test equipment.

October 9, 2022
Latest company news about How to detect if the network cable is broken? Aixton provides professional network cables and test equipment.

1. Network cable tester

After the integrated wiring and equipment installation are completed, we will use the network cable tester to detect the continuity of the network cable. The network cable tester has a total of 8 lights. When the RJ45 interface of the network cable is inserted into the network cable tester, if the network cable is connected, you can observe 1- The 8 street lights will be gradually displayed, and the G light will also be on when the shielded network cable is tested. This tool is most widely used for testing network cables in weak current systems. It is simple to operate, very practical, and has a low tool cost. Basically, the current construction personnel of engineering companies have a tester for each hand.

2. Engineering treasure

In weak current projects, there are many practical applications of engineering treasure. It can not only display the on-off and connection status of the network cable, but also intuitively identify which cores of the crystal head are faulty through the result icon, as well as the cable length, status, attenuation, parameters such as quality and impedance. In addition to these basic functions, it also has functions such as camera activation, batch modification of IP, one-click preview to view camera images, and channel name settings.

3. Fluke test

In some large-scale integrated wiring systems, it is necessary to use Fluke professional cable instruments to test. Test parameters such as wiring diagram, attenuation, and near-end crosstalk for the installed link. The wiring diagram test is mainly used to verify the end-to-end connectivity of each pin in the cable link, and to check crosstalk problems, such as short circuit, open circuit, jumper, and reverse connection can be detected; attenuation is an important performance of the network cabling system Parameters, the specific value of attenuation can be obtained by Fluke to judge whether it meets the standard; also near-end crosstalk is also an important parameter of the integrated wiring system, and the specific value can be obtained by Fluke.