Fiber optic patch cables

August 4, 2023
Latest company news about Fiber optic patch cables

Fiber optic patch cables (Fiber Optic Patch Cables) are used as patch cables from equipment to fiber optic cabling links.

Optical fiber jumper (also known as optical fiber connector) means that both ends of the optical cable are equipped with connector plugs to realize the active connection of the optical path, and one end with a plug is called a pigtail.

Optical fibers are mainly divided into two categories:

Single-mode fiber (Single-mode Fiber): Generally, the fiber optic jumper is indicated by yellow, and the connector and protective sleeve are blue; the transmission distance is longer.

Multi-mode fiber (Multi-mode Fiber): Generally, the fiber optic jumper is represented by orange, and some are represented by gray, and the connector and protective sleeve are beige or black; the transmission distance is short.

Optical fiber use attention

The transmit and receive wavelengths of the optical modules at both ends of the fiber jumper must be the same, that is to say, the two ends of the fiber must be optical modules with the same wavelength. The simple way to distinguish is that the colors of the optical modules must be consistent. Generally, the short-wave optical module uses multimode fiber (orange fiber), and the long-wave optical module uses single-mode fiber (yellow fiber) to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.

Do not excessively bend or loop the optical fiber during use, as this will increase the attenuation of light during transmission.

After using the optical fiber jumper, the optical fiber connector must be protected with a protective sleeve. Dust and oil will damage the coupling of the optical fiber.