The optical fiber cleaver

July 28, 2023
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The optical fiber cleaver is used to cut the optical fiber as thin as a hair. After the cut optical fiber is magnified hundreds of times, it is still flat when observed, and then it can be spliced by discharge.
The material of the optical fiber is generally quartz, so there are requirements for the blade material of the optical fiber cleaver.
Adaptive fiber: single-core or multi-core silica bare fiber;
Adapt to fiber cladding: 100-250um diameter [1].

1. Ultra-fine grain WC-Co powder is used for low-pressure sintering, which has the characteristics of high hardness, high strength, good wear resistance, and sharp cutting edge.
2. The internal metallographic structure of the product adopting low-pressure sintering is good, which effectively reduces the micropores in the alloy, avoids chipping of the cutting edge during fine grinding and use, and improves the smoothness of the cutting section.
3. The grinding requirements of the fiber optic cleaver edge are extremely high. Generally, a precision optical grinder with a high degree of automation is required to fine-grind the edge, so that the edge of the finely ground will be sharp without the advantage of chipping and curling. The cutting edge requires high processing precision, high finish to achieve a mirror effect (Ra≥0.012), and the cross-section of the cut optical fiber is flat, smooth, and free of burrs.