G654E Fiber Applications

August 10, 2022
Latest company news about G654E Fiber Applications

China proposes to take the implementation of e-government and the construction of new smart cities as the starting point, and use data centralization and sharing as a way to build a nationally integrated national big data center, promote technology integration, business integration, and data integration to achieve cross-level and cross-regional integration. , Cross-system, cross-department, and cross-business collaborative management and services. The digital economy based on the smart optical network will promote the development of smart cities. For example, in the financial industry, every 0.1ms delay reduction can increase the transaction volume by 10,000, and the transaction amount will increase by more than 200 million yuan. Therefore, in order to promote the development of the digital economy, it is necessary to vigorously develop all-optical bases and develop high-speed and large-capacity optical fiber technology.

Give full play to the advantages of the whole industry chain

Propose a backbone network construction scheme based on G.654.E optical fiber

High-speed and large-capacity optical fiber communication will become the basic support for new industries. Driven by the optical fiberization of multiple rounds of communication networks, the demand for optical fibers in China's broadband informatization construction continues to grow. The transmission distance of 400G+G.654.E in 90Gbaud single-wavelength DWDM system is expected to reach 1500km, while in G.652 fiber it is 800-900km. Large-capacity communication technology based on low loss and large effective area will continue to develop . According to the operator's plan for the layout of super 100G system and marine network, shenzhen Aixton cables co.,ltd takes advantage of the whole industrial chain of optical communication, fully integrates optical network and optical fiber cable technology, and proposes the precise construction of domestic backbone optical cable network based on G.654.E optical fiber Program.

High-performance transmission and autonomous controllable G.654.E fiber optic cable technology

Compared with G.652 fiber, the optical power of G.654.E fiber can be increased by about 2.0 dB. When used in complex environments, it can significantly improve the 400G transmission performance and extend the transmission distance without electrical relays. Fiberhome's G.654.E optical fiber, adhering to the fiber precipitation of China Telecom for more than 40 years, originated from the first practical optical fiber technology in China, with larger effective area, lower transmission loss and stronger bending resistance , with complete independent intellectual property rights and the controllability of the whole industry chain, in the new low-carbon and environmentally friendly optical cable structure, it can meet the good application of 400G system.