Selection of optical cable

August 18, 2022
Latest company news about Selection of optical cable

The selection of optical cables is not only based on the number of optical fibers and the type of optical fibers, but also the outer sheath of the optical cable according to the use environment of the optical cable.
1. When the outdoor optical cable is directly buried, the armored optical cable should be selected. When overhead, an optical cable with a black plastic outer sheath with two or more reinforcing ribs can be used.
2. When selecting optical cables used in buildings, attention should be paid to their flame retardant, toxic and smoke properties. Generally, the flame retardant but smoke-free type (Plenum) can be used in the pipeline or forced ventilation, and the flame-retardant, non-toxic and smoke-free type (Riser) should be used in the exposed environment.
3. When cabling vertically in the building, distribution cables can be used; when wiring horizontally, breakout cables can be used.
4. If the transmission distance is less than 2km, you can choose multi-mode optical cable. If it exceeds 2km, you can use repeater or choose single-mode optical cable.
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