March 30, 2023
Latest company news about Honor

Founded the Hong Kong Customer Center Association (HKCCA) Association in 1999
Founded Hong Kong Information Technology Chamber of Commerce in 1999
In 2000, won the "Hong Kong Customer Center Award"
Won the "Asia Pacific Call Center Award" in 2004
Founded the Asia Pacific Customer Service and Call Center Alliance (APCCAL) in 2008
In 2010, joined the "Member of Guangdong Quality Association"
In 2010, joined the governing unit of "Guangdong Public Safety Technology Prevention Association"
In 2011, it was awarded the famous brand of intelligent building products in China
In 2012, won the "China Integrated Wiring Innovation Award"
In 2013 won the "Guangdong Famous Brand"
In 2013, participated in the research and development of cables in China's aerospace industry
In 2014, won the title of "one of the top ten brands of integrated wiring"
In 2014, the United Nations agency authorized the member states of the United Nations to designate integrated wiring suppliers
2014 Strategic Partner of China Telecom Operators